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Our Story

Established in 1986 earning a reputation for exclusive, elegant fine jewellery, being the longest established jewellery store in the Westend of Perth today.

Robert Pearce born in Melbourne, Australia, developed an avid interest in precious gems from a very young age. He began lapidary in 1973, collecting, cutting and polishing gems, where his love for beautiful gems flourished. In 1978 he pursued an apprenticeship in jewellery making. Upon completion of his apprenticeship in 1982 moved to Perth where he established RJ Pearce Designer Jewellers in 1986 with his wife Julie-Ann.

A fellow of the prestigious ‘Gold and Silversmiths Guild Of Australia’ Robert has been designing and handcrafting fine jewellery for over 40 years. Creating unique pieces with the finest gems available, to show their true beauty, for clientele from around the world, including sports stars, television personalities, opera singers and other luminaries.

With all the changes in the jewellery industry with CAD design Robert has never found the finesse or balance compared to handcrafted jewellery, finding it mostly repetitious and a basic copy of other designs. The exception being one Designer, Bez Ambar, whom I have admired since his award winning ATW Quadrillion ring, won the De Beers award for innovation and ingenuity in 1985. Renowned around the world as an enigma in today’s jewellery industry. We introduced Bez Ambar to our store in 2017 to facilitate, not only, the very latest in CAD design but his exclusive patented ‘Blaze’ and ‘Divine’ cut diamonds. This is a revolution in the jewellery industry not seen since the brilliant cut was introduced in 1919.

Robert Pearce and Bez Ambar will now be working together to create unique designs to enhance our unique Australian Gems. Argyle pink and yellow diamonds, Broome Pearls and Black Opals will all be showcased in our future collections.

We aspire to bring our clientele the finest quality gems and GIA certified diamonds, in your choice of traditional handcrafted designs by Robert Pearce or the latest state of the art CAD designed jewellery by Bez Ambar.