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The colour of Love – a beautiful white or rose gold heart featuring very rare, pigeon blood red princess cut rubies, invisibly set and framed with delicate pave diamonds. Make a loved one smile with this endearing heart or ring from award winning jewellery designer, Bez Ambar, the perfect gift to celebrate your special ruby anniversary.


Royalty often wore sapphires for dual purpose. Not only did the gem reputedly attract wealth, it also purportedly protected the wearer from envy and infidelity.

Traditionally people attributed this gem the power to bring harmony to lovers. Believed to be infused with powerful energy, the sapphire has been worn by people in power since ancient times. The mesmerising depth of the sapphires reminds one of looking into the deepest, clearest oceans.


If you have an heirloom or treasured gem in a tired old setting, you could bring it to life with a ‘Blaze’ set ring by Bez Ambar. We have many styles from which to choose or we can create a custom design to best enhance your gem of any shape. Alternatively you may choose to have a ring designed and handcrafted by Robert Pearce, fellow of the prestigious ‘Gold and Silversmiths Guild of Australia’.