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With the very latest in CAD, the finest diamond cutting skills and patented ‘Blaze’ cut diamonds, these designs can only be created in one place in the world. Bez Ambar brings together all of the skills needed to create each piece with seamless perfection. Available in half or full band of diamonds or we can create a unique design for you in our studio workshop.

Black & White Bands

Only the finest black diamonds, cut in house by Bez Ambar, are used to create this contemporary collection of jewellery. Bookends, knife edge or black ‘Blaze’ bands to create your unique look.

Black & White Bridal

As black as a moonless night sky – black diamond jewellery possesses a crisp elegance that looks just as good dressed up for a night out on the town as it does lounging around in your favourite pair of jeans.

Enigmatic and beautiful, a natural black diamond is a stone like no other.

The diamond is the hardest stone on earth – and due to it’s internal structure, black diamonds are even harder than other diamonds! Instead of reflecting a playful sparkle of light, they absorb it, bouncing light off their well-polished surfaces in the same manner as cool, black marble.


Incomparable is the only word to describe ‘Blaze’ when it comes to choosing a Dress ring. Surrounding a feature gem, set in a band to extend the sparkle, seamlessly set to show the prismatic fire or spaced as in the ‘Windows’ collection, a stunning combination of ‘Blaze’ and Pave’ diamonds creating this unique windows effect in this wide diamond band.

To view the life of ‘Blaze’ is truly breathtaking with 10 times larger fire of any other diamond cut and only available in Australia from our Perth store.


The prismatic fire produced from the dispersion of light from Bez Amber patented ‘Blaze’ cut diamonds, especially in double and triple row, has to be seen to be believed. A rainbow of colour flashing out of clear white diamonds is rather mesmerising, something never before seen from any other cut of diamond.

All of these dynamic designs are available in your choice of full or half band.

Wide 2

Wide diamond bands are an excellent way of reinventing your old and tired or worn out jewellery. Robert Pearce, fellow of the prestigious ‘Gold and Silversmiths Guild Of Australia’, will create a design to bring back the sparkle to your treasured gems. We offer a free design service and appraisal.