Privacy Policy


The website located at (the “website”) is run by The Pearce Family Trust T/As RJ Pearce Jewellers (hereafter referred to as RJ Pearce, “we” or “us”). Unless otherwise stated this RJ PEARCE DATA USE & SECURITY POLICY (“Privacy policy”) covers information collected or submitted by you through the website. By using or accessing the Website, you accept the terms of this Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions of this website.


Our goal is to provide you with relevant information about our products. To do so, we (or third parties on our behalf) may collect personal information about you, as well as information about your interaction with the Website (including by using cookies). Because we value your privacy, we have implemented policies and procedures to safeguard this information, as have all third-parties we deal with.

Below, we spell out what information we collect and how we use it to improve our service to you. Keep in mind that as the Website develops, this policy may change as well. We encourage you to review it frequently.

The Information We May Collect

We may collect different types of information about you, including: personally identifiable information voluntarily submitted, information about your interaction with the Website, and (through our advertising partners) information about your demographics or interactions with other websites.

Information You May Be Asked to Volunteer

We do not require any personal identifiable information to use most of this website. However, to utilise certain interactive features you may be required to provide information such as:

  • Contact information. If you request information from us, we may ask for your name, email, address, or phone number in order to contact you. We may also ask for the name and contact information of others you wish us to contact.
  • Birthdays or anniversaries. We may also ask for your birthday or anniversaries in order to provide you with special offers for those dates.

We only use this information to provide our goods or services to you.

Information We Track About Your Interactions With The Website

We (and third-parties acting on our behalf) use technology using cookies, to analyse your interactions with the Website. Information gathered can include: your Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, browser information, Internet Services Provider (ISP), operating system, date/time stamp and clickstream data. We do not share your information with any third parties who may send you email solicitations.

This information helps us customise your website experience and make our marketing messages more relevant. We also use it to generate reports and analyses in the aggregate to help us improve our marketing efforts.

Third Parties

We will not sell your personal information to any third parties. In the event we are acquired, merge into another company, or sell a line of business, we transfer your personal information along with our business. In the event this happens, we will provide notice prominently on the Website.

We may also share your information with third-parties acting on our behalf. For example, we may provide your email address to third-parties who provide marketing services to us. All third-parties who work on our behalf agree to safeguard your information, and not to use it to contact you.

Finally, we may also provide your personal information to third-parties where we are required to do so by law, for example in response to a police investigation, a court order, or other law. We will attempt to provide notice to you if required to disclose your personal information in such an event.


We handle your personal information with appropriate standards of information security. We have policies and procedures designed to ensure the physical and electronic security of your personal identifiable information. These include limiting the number of people who have access to our servers, employing electronic security systems and password protections that guard against unauthorised access, and employing strong password policies.