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Engagement Rings

Ring of Fire

This is a new generation of fine jewellery for so many reasons. This exceptional ring is designed and created with the very latest CAD and laser cutting tools as perfect is the only way the ‘Ring of Fire’ can be created. Though this ring displays all of the character and charm of old world jewellery, the centre diamond surrounded by Bez Ambar patented ‘Blaze’ cut diamonds sets this ring a world apart.

Each ‘Blaze’ diamond cut to create a perfect circle joining seamlessly around a diamond of any shape or size. The outside corner trimmed on each diamond for the claw to fit, eliminating wear and bulky claws around the edge and giving full view to the girdle of the ‘Blaze’ diamonds. With the facets of the ‘Blaze’ diamonds being larger, matching the facets in the centre diamond, not only is this making the centre diamond appear 3 times larger, but also forcing large prisms of light into the girdle of the centre diamond giving it more life.

The finished ring is a timeless design, using all of the latest technology, for you to treasure. Or you may use your existing diamond and we will create an exceptional ‘Ring of Fire’ of your choice and style.

Flower of Light

Utilising the ‘Ring of Fire’ with the addition of a halo of brilliant cut diamonds, making this an extremely feminine design. This displays how much ‘Blaze’ extends the centre diamond to three x the size making the 1.0ct in this case appear as a 4.0ct including the halo.

Outstanding workmanship and timeless design by Bez Ambar, using all the latest technology for you to treasure. Create your dream ring with your existing diamond or we will supply a GIA certified diamond for you.


The timeless elegance of the solitaire. Create your unique style with our contemporary signature design Tension set, classic charm with our Nouveau hand carved or the incredible and most powerful ‘Blaze’ giving 10 times larger fire than any other diamond cut, in many styles including the Manhattan, blending baguettes with ‘Blaze’. All available with unique matching wedding bands.


Set with 3 diamonds of any shape, this is just a few ideas to make your special Engagement Ring unique. Enhanced with your choice of Bez Ambar’s artistic, unique and versatile diamond or coloured gem bookend ring enhancers, as wedding and eternity rings, gives endless combinations.

Wedding Rings

Combinations are endless to enhance your engagement ring. Bespoke Vine with rose and green gold, Nouveau carved, shaped and fitted or bookend ring enhancers of ‘Blaze’ or brilliant cut diamonds.

Eclipse & Silvet

The clean elegant lines of the Eclipse and Silvet collections. An exceptional channel set frame, surrounding your diamond, only able to be achieved with Bez Ambar patented ‘Blaze’ cut diamonds. With matching wedding rings of your choice to create your own contemporary or classic style.