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The Bez Ambar Story


In the world of fine jewellery, one name continually surfaces when discussing extraordinary accomplishments: Bez Ambar, one of the most important jewellery designers of all time.

Studying as an artist, then into the jewellery industry as a diamond cutter Bez Ambar founded Ambar Diamonds in 1979. Within 3 years Bez created the quadrillion cut for diamonds, in time being renamed the princess cut, becoming the most innovative and influential jewellery lines of the 21st century.

In 1985 Bez won the prestigious DeBeers design award with his groundbreaking ATW ring. The design set seamlessly with princess cut and 2 trillion cut diamonds either side and triple stepped row of princess cut diamonds on either side of the band, created a new era of channel set diamonds.

In 1988 Bez Ambar created the first piece of invisible set diamond jewellery. As the princess cut gained in popularity Bez realised the greatest advantage of the square shape was it’s ability to sit flush, one against the other, creating an illusion of unbroken brilliance.

In 1992 Bez turned his techniques of invisible setting to round diamonds. Creating a style of setting unobstructed by claws or channels and naming it ‘Boundless’

In 1999 Bez Ambar pioneered the technique of ‘Micro-Pave’ setting with the use of a microscope. His new techniques featured hundreds and sometimes thousands of tiny brilliant cut diamonds all set incrusted with minimal claws maintaining a clean smooth appearance.

At the time when Bez Ambar was creating the princess cut he was astounded by a bright flash of colour eminating from the partly cut diamond. Being preoccupied with the princess cut and his many other creations this was at the back of his mind for many years.

In 2003 Bez Ambar created the ‘Blaze’ cut diamond. Unlike any other cut this cut has opened a whole new world for Diamonds. Instead of reflection ’Blaze’ disperses light. This is like comparing a cloud to a rainbow releasing spectral colours from diamonds never been seen before. With his mastery of looking at diamonds from the inside out, with extremely complicated math, as only the exact angle will highlight the diamonds capability to bend and refract light.
Bez designed a cut with fewer, larger facets. Bigger facets result in more fire.
The Blaze cut has only 13 main facets, while most cuts have over 50 facets. This means the ‘Blaze’ cut produces bursts of vivid colours, fire ten times larger than any other cut.

To put Bez Ambar’s achievements into perspective, the last really significant breakthrough in the jewellery world was when the brilliant cut diamond was invented by Marcel Tolkowski in 1919. This is how Tiffany started his business recutting old cut diamonds into the brilliant cut and resetting them into the classic six claw solitaire.

It is remarkable the prowess Bez Ambar has shown repeatedly with his gem cutting skills, even more so is the skill to create innovative, award winning, fine jewellery designs to showcase these new cuts of diamonds. It is our pleasure to be working with Bez creating new designs for his patented ‘Blaze’ diamonds and an honour to be able to bring Bez Ambar creations of fine jewellery to Australia for you to treasure.

In the past, Bez Ambar has created fine jewellery collections for Bulgari, Cartier, Graff and Tiffany. Now he is Exclusive in Australia to RJ Pearce.

Exclusive Stockist for Bez Ambar