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Our custom designs are not limited by the shape or cut of the diamonds.

Our partner Bez Ambar not only creates unique custom designs but also creates unique diamond cuts to enhance the design or featured gems. This is a new age of jewellery design using state of the art techniques and diamond cutting never before seen in the jewellery industry. We are proud to be able to showcase the mastery of Bez Ambar in our store.

Pink Diamonds

The Argyle mine in the Kimberley region of Western Australia currently produces eighty percent of the worlds pink diamonds and is the only source of the coveted fancy intense pink, red and violet diamonds. Ultimately the rarest of all gems, you could fit an entire years yield into the palm of your hand. This rarity makes these exceptional fancy intense pink diamonds an excellent investment while you enjoy wearing your favourite piece of jewellery.


Bespoke jewellery for you to remember that special occasion or anniversary.
Utilising rose, yellow, white and green gold to create unique pieces that seem to come to life. The Anniversary Ball pendant with family names, initials and dates appearing as a collider scope of sparkle, reflection and colour.

A special treasure that when worn creates a comment with a story to follow.

Designed and handcrafted by Robert Pearce fellow member of the ‘Gold and Silversmiths Guild Of Australia’.

Yellow Diamonds

The Ellendale mine produces half of the worlds fancy yellow diamonds, situated in the remote far north of Western Australia. Though not as rare as their pink cousins, still much rarer than fine white diamonds – a perfect accompaniment with the prismatic fire of ‘Blaze’ diamonds by Bez Ambar.