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Earrings & Pendants


Each ‘Blaze’ diamond cut to perfection, with matching facets, across the whole of these invisibly set pair of Earrings. It is extraordinary how much ‘prismatic fire’ is achieved when set this way. a timeless collection elegantly framed with brilliant cut diamonds for any occasion.

Rolo & Radiants

Huge flashes of colour from the Prismatic fire in the Rolo pendant is enhanced with the continuous rolling feature of this collection.

‘Blaze’ extends these radiants to appear 3 x larger with the facets blending seamlessly. Simplicity is the key to this Bez Ambar brilliant craftsmanship and design.

Earrings of Fire

Bez Ambar’s breathtaking ‘Ring of Fire’ cushion cut diamond earrings are designed to leave everyone stunned. With the cushion cut diamonds surrounded with the prismatic fire from Bez Ambar’s patented ‘Blaze’ diamonds, they are guaranteed to do just that. Available as fixed or removable frames makes for a versatile pair of earrings for any shape of centre stone.

Marquise Star & Hoops

The Marquise Star Earrings and Pendant Set from Bez Ambar features four beautiful marquise diamonds precisely cut to hug the ‘Blaze diamond centre.
Each stone is specially selected and masterfully cut by Bez Ambar, all for the purpose to have the design reach its fullest potential. Elegantly skating the line between formal and casual, the Marquise Set can be adorned for any occasion.

Beautiful Hoop Earring Designs from Bez Ambar.
Medium size ‘Blaze’ light hoops, Fire hoop earrings with princess and Blaze and fire hoop earrings with in and out Blaze diamonds.


A bespoke collection of diamond jewellery to celebrate that special achievement or occasion. Created by Bez Ambar and set with his patented ‘Blaze’ cut diamonds, be assured you will turn heads in or out of the spotlight.

Like this exquisite diamond cross, the most amazing cross in the world, not another like it. Set with six carre diamonds of over 2.00 carat each, perfectly matched in size and cut.