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RJ Pearce has been designing and making fine handcrafted opal jewellery since 1986. We source only solid opal from the opal fields direct from the miners.

Which Opal will appreciate the best over time?

As with all precious gems the most beautiful and rarest will always command the highest price. Your first decision should be choosing the one you like best as all opals are unique, wearing one should always be your favourite.

Australian solid opals of good bright colour are very rare and like other rare gems, emeralds, rubies and fine sapphires will appreciate very well over time. Historically fine gems set in hallmarked fine jewellery commands very high and ever increasing prices at auction houses around the world.

A solid opal will always appreciate where a doublet or a triplet being glued together will seperate over time making your investment worthless. Opals that are said to fade is due to this separating of the opal. Many dealers will colour or glue host rock (potch with no opal) on the back of the opal to create depth to the colour. This will enhance the look but definitely not the value. Be wary in any purchase and be sure to ask especially if the opal is set with a closed back on the setting.

When buying investment opals in a mount ready to be worn be sure to check you are able to see the back of the opal. This will help grade the opal also whether it be a dark, light, crystal or boulder opal. Be sure the mount is designed and crafted to protect the opal for normal wear. Though solid opal may get light scratches over time these are easily buffed to bring your treasure back to a full shine.

Know the origin of your opal! Australian opal, except matrix from South Australia, is not porous so will not absorb oils or dirt in general wear. African opals may absorb oils and dirt and change colour over time devaluing the stone a lot.

All opal jewellery purchased from RJ Pearce is designed and made by Robert Pearce, fellow of the Gold & Silversmiths Guild of Australia. Each creation is hallmarked with guild stamp and makers mark archived for future reference forever. Each piece comes with a photographed Certificate of Authenticity giving provenance and a guarantee of your purchase.

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