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I have loved beautiful gems all my life.

What is beauty?

To me it is making the feature, whatever it may be, appear beautiful for all to admire.

To set an opal to enhance its beauty will intrigue and captivate onlookers of the wearer as well as what nature intended, or put the gem in a scene from another world to make it truly captivating . A truly unique piece of jewellery will always create conversation when worn, usually with a story behind it. This is the reason opal is a favourite gem of mine.

This is what makes me love to create jewellery. Being a bespoke ‘Daisy’ pendant for a beloved granddaughter, named Daisy, or a meticulous scale replica of a prized flute pendant for an aspiring musician daughter. It is all about the person or the gem featured. Please view references on our RJ Pearce Facebook page.

I have always created beautiful jewellery in the past and when CAD jewellery was introduced I was unable to accept that it could reproduce the charm and elegance of handcrafted jewellery. This was a conundrum to me for many years as I found it monotonous and staid.

In hindsight, it takes a new generation of jewellery not seen before to create the difference between handcrafted charm and elegance and new age charm and elegance. You may ask, what is the difference? The difference is in the detail, the flow, the style, the captivating of those around you and the attention to enhance the featured gem.

Upon viewing the ‘Ring of Fire’ a few years ago, RJ Pearce immediately realised this was a new era in fine jewellery and contacted Bez Ambar to pursue this further.

To understand where Bez Ambar fits in the fine jewellery world you have to understand Bez Ambar. Unlike any other jewellers and designers Bez Ambar had his grounding in art and diamond cutting. Instead of creating designs with limited diamond cuts he persevered and created his own diamond cut to suit his designs. His invention, the princess cut, has since become the major square cut diamond choice of the fine jewellery world.

A flash of colourful light dazzled Bez while creating the princess cut for diamonds. All diamond cuts for the past 100 years since the brilliant cut was created in 1919, worked on perfect reflection of light, in, across and back out of the diamond. Dispersion of light was a revelation in diamond cutting best left for another day. Busy with his new invention, the Princess cut, Bez Ambar was preoccupied for the coming years.

Over time Bez Ambar worked on this revolutionary phenomenon and called it “Blaze” and took time to perfect and patent his new invention in the jewellery world.

It is one thing to create a new diamond cut. It is a whole new thing to create a range of fine jewellery designs to showcase this new, patented diamond cut. Being pedantic about perfection in CAD design and boutique diamond cutting has attracted the finest Jewellers in the world to Bez Ambar.
Graff, Tiffany, Cartier, Bvulgari, have all relied on Bez Ambar to create their exclusive jewellery though he will not gift them with his Blaze phenomenon. Only exclusive stockists are able to sell his invention of blaze diamonds.

We now work together creating timeless jewellery of a whole new era. Each piece is custom made, each diamond custom cut to fit the design perfectly. The finish is complete, minimal claws, maximum diamond with no space for dirt to collect and diamonds trimmed so there are no wearing claws.

Blaze cut diamonds not only disperse light, they share this dispersion with the host gem turbo charging its fire, enhancing any gem featured. Along with my handcrafted jewellery this gives RJ Pearce access to CAD jewellery design and diamond cutting techniques not available to any other store in Australia.

Whether it be handcrafted charm and elegance or new age CAD charm and elegance, we will use which ever is suitable for your truly unique piece of jewellery to capture admiring glances and inquisitive conversation on your unique treasure.

We believe this is true beauty.

Robert Pearce

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