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Platinum is best, or is it?

Over many years of making fine jewellery the question has always been, the whiteness of platinum or the hardness of palladium white gold?

Platinum is very malleable and previously with the addition of copper for strength lost its brightness. Recently Iridium has been added which gives a much whiter finish though it does still scratch rather easily.

White gold with palladium is a lot harder, though wearing rather well needs rhodium plating each year to keep it white and bright. To create state of the art intricate designs giving strength and lightness to the design, neither of the above metals was totally suitable.

After much experimentation Bez Ambar has created his own blend of 18ct white gold which fills all of the requirements needed to create beautifully detailed fine jewellery, removing the need for bulky, heavy claws to set diamonds as in the past.

This gold wears – whiter than platinum

  • harder than palladium white gold
  • has no allergic reaction to skin
  • does not require the upkeep of rhodium plating.

For us our reward has always been for our customers being asked why there Jewellery is so bright. Now more than ever your jewellery will be forever more rewarding. Having customers back each year for their free ring clean where rings need only a light polish and only the cleaning of diamonds is a new revelation for us here.

If you think every jeweller has access to this revolutionary 18ct white gold, think again. This is a unique feature only available at RJ Pearce which we are proud to provide to our clients.

Beware of Bez Ambar counterfeits from non-authorised jewellery storesAustralian Jewellery Designer Award - RJ Pearce