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Unlike any other cut of diamond the ‘Blaze’ matches all cuts, blending with the facets of the brilliant, princess, pear, oval and radiant cut diamonds and promoting the feature corner facets, on emerald and asscher cut diamonds like no other.

Blaze not only enhances any cut of diamond, but the prismatic fire produced from ‘Blaze’ fires colour into the girdle of the surrounded diamond. This in turn, basically speaking, turbocharges the centre diamond giving it, not only more life, but extending the diamond by placing it on a stage of matching size facets, a feature never before seen.

Previously facets were too small as in halo designs, with facets being 1:50th the size, or too square as in baguettes, giving long facets. Neither could match and enhance the featured diamond as Blaze does.

Bez Ambar patented ‘Blaze’ is a revolutionary cut that crosses the boundaries of all modern and classic jewellery designs, with each diamond perfectly cut to fit seamlessly around your chosen shape of diamond.

Bez Ambar cut diamondsBeware of Bez Ambar counterfeits from non-authorised jewellery stores