In Diamonds

Jewellery design has always been restricted by the cut of diamonds available to set in any design.

As Bez Ambar started his craft cutting diamonds, this was a limitation he overcame early in his career, firstly with the princess cut.

To create a beautiful design utilising cut gems available will give you the look, but not necessarily the simplicity of true clean lines of timeless jewellery.

Bez Ambar creates the design first with no limitations at all. From this stage, not only the shape but the cut of diamond is decided to create the desired appearance best to suit the design. One example is this pair of emerald cut diamond Earrings. By cutting the diamonds as trapezoid cut, perfectly with matching facet size and angles of the centre diamond, gives the appearance 3 times larger the size seamlessly.

For any other jeweller this process is near impossible, as the trapezoid diamonds available are not necessarily cut to the same angles as required for this design.

This process is what will always set Bez Ambar creations apart from all other diamond jewellery available.

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