In Diamonds

There is no question that technology into lab grown diamonds has come along way in recent years and I am often asked what I think.

Aside from the technical side of quality and price the question I ask myself is, am I buying a treasure? Something real, rare and beautiful to which the receiver will enjoy for a lifetime. Though lab grown diamonds are cheaper to begin with, there is no rarity and being produced more abundantly each year. This means there will be no resale value as a new model will be brought out probably cheaper each year.

Good quality GIA certified Laser Inscribed Diamonds will always hold their value and there is no infinite supply.

So my answer to this, is lab grown diamonds are only cheaper as you buy in at a lower price. With no resale there is no increase in value over time, which may make them quite a lot more expensive. As anyone with a Pink Diamond, Colombian Emerald or Burmese Ruby would surely know, rare gems do appreciate very well.

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